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Participants in a project financing - objectives and motives

Areas covered in this learning module Project finance structure Procuring entity Sponsors Project company/SPV Lenders/debt providers Other principal parties
General introductory modules

Selecting the project finance vehicle - an introduction

Areas covered in this module matters to be considered by the parties in selecting the project vehicle why selection is such an important activity different perspectives on the project vehicle from the sponsors, lenders and the procuring entity events leading to project vehicle formation the pre-development period considerations the different types of project vehicle
Finance related modules

Sources of finance for a project and issues to be considered in raising funds

Areas covered in this learning module When to begin looking for finance Where/how to begin your search for finance? Types of finance available for project finance Matters to consider when assessing finance options Commercial bank financing Bond financing

Introduction to risk and risk allocation in project financing

Areas covered in this module What is risk Risk structuring and managemen Identifying the different risk period Looking at risk from different participant perspective Different types of risk Risk mitigation technique Cross border/political risk

Introduction to project finance (essential ingredients, risk and sponsor support)

Areas covered in this module: What is project finance? Typical ingredients of project finance Example projects Reasons for project finance? Risk assessment Allocation of risk Sponsor support and commitment