About Infrateach

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Infrateach was created to help participants (new and more experienced!) in the infrastructure development and finance business to learn more about the industry and the business. It is also hoped that it might become a platform for participants and the community to share learning and knowledge. Our objective is simply to make knowledge, experience and resources on infrastructure finance and development available to all at a reasonable cost or for free. Easy to access too!

Please share some content and resources with the Infrateach Community yourself by contributing content and resource (perhaps marketing material if it has educational value?) by becoming a Community Provider of Content in the Community section

Many people have contributed ideas for the structuring and scope for the Infrateach project/website. The initial idea for such a website belonged to Kevin Jordan (pictured). Kevin spent the last 20+ years working in finance/infrastructure finance in the City of London/New York. He has worked on numerous project/infrastructure financings in the UK and around the world. Kevin qualified as a solicitor with Allen & Overy in 1991 and as a New York attorney with Freshfields in 1997. He was a partner in the project finance team of a large City of London law firm between 2000-2007 and, with the assistance of others during that time, led a number of significant infrastructure projects to financial close.

Here at Infrateach we believe that with a better dissemination of knowledge/learning with respect to infrastructure/project finance structures, the industry will significantly benefit. Those benefits will hopefully flow through to improved infrastructure and better lives for many. Here are the reasons why Infrateach was set up and will hopefully benefit you:

Learn about infrastructure project financing

-We provide you with knowledge on infrastructure project financing.
-Our goal is to share all we know about infrastructure project financing.
-We make learning accessible, convenient and affordable. 

Learn when and where you want with E-learning

-We have a passion for infrastructure projects and development.
-E-learning and web technology allow us to share this with you.
-Our tutorials on infrastructure project financing capture practical hands on experience and knowledge.

Need experience and knowledge?

-Learn how to get to financial close. Learn with online e-learning.
-What questions need to be asked? What issues need to be addressed?
-What documents will be required to implement a bankable project financing?

Need to learn from others?

-Our existence responds to the real need for better knowledge dissemination across the sector.
-Our online tutorials are either free or priced competitively to benefit you.
-Learn more about public private partnership (PPP), private finance initiative (PFI) and infrastructure project financing.  

Public and private sector benefits

-Governments need to do more in educating their people in delivering on infrastructure project financing.
-The private sector needs to be better equipped.
-We can help meet these needs with our online e-learning.